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Royal Auvergne Society - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How often, and where, does the Society meet?
A: The Society meets three or four times a year, usually in the home of one of the officers, but sometimes in a public setting such as a museum or monument

Q: What does the Royal Auvergne Society do?
A: See the Activities page for specific information, and the Who We Are page for general themes of interest.

Q: How do I find out if my children are eligible for membership in the Royal Auvergne Society?
A: If the mother or father, or antecedent in a previous generation, is or was a member of the DAR or the SAR, the child is probably eligible. Some documentation rules have changed that render great-grandmothers’ membership, for example, less certain than it once was. The first step is to identify a qualifying ancestor, and then prove the generational links in between.

Q: Why should my child join the Society?
A: Membership in the Society opens a perspective into history and bi-national relations that is rarely available in general life. For American children being raised in France, Society activities fill in some of the American history they would get if they lived in the States (for example, the children learn the Pledge of Allegiance). For French children, the Society provides an intimate acquaintance with American culture and history. And they have some fun along the way!

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